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Meet the familiar character once again! In the second part of the Red Ball series, you will still play for a curious little red ball. This time, the poor ball didn’t look for any more adventures, it just lost something important. Once it was the King of the Monarchy of Balls, but a strong wind blew the crown away! The ball has been looking everywhere, but it couldn’t find it nonetheless. Help the king to return the lost crown!

Enjoy the simple controls

As in the previous game, the controls didn’t change. You are supposed to use arrows on the keyboard to move around. As always, the red flag means that this is the end of the level. Try to reach it as soon as possible! Although, now you can stop fully, which can significantly simplify your walkthrough. This will allow you to keep the balance better, so that you don’t fall into the void.

At first, you will deal with the standard obstacles, such as high walls, chasms, spikes and moving platforms. Later you will have to solve puzzles and interact with various objects.

Move the blocks to reach a previously inaccessible height or to make a certain mechanism work. Also, the material of the object matters, too. Wooden objects will be lighter and will float in the lakes and stone things will be heavier and in the lakes will drown.

Observe new features

A lot of new mechanics have been added to the Red Ball. Now you will even be able to fly on a wind flow or swim in the water. Different elements affect the ball in a particular way.

In the water, you will have an opportunity to float that will help you to wriggle between dangerous objects. And the wind can throw you up to a high platform. However, don’t try swimming in the green liquid, because it will instantly kill you! In addition, don’t forget to collect the stars to unlock next levels.

The graphics has noticeably improved as well! Now you can see the cute face of this little courageous ball. Also, the locations are now more diverse and full of interesting devices and objects which you can operate to make them work.

Try being creative and figure out how each system functions! Some of them are pretty tricky, so investigate all the variants available. In addition, the relaxing background music is going to fascinate you, while you play this compelling game!