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The captivating journeys of a little red ball continue! Visit a beautiful countryside with its green landscapes. The evil cubes captured your friends! Find and save them all in this awesome platformer game.

The red ball will not only overcome a wide range of obstacles, but fight different bosses. They are worthy opponents, so be careful and witty to win in these hard battles. To reach each of the bosses, you will need to earn enough money. When you gain the right amount, you will see that the scale above you has been filled. Try not to miss the keys, as well!

Also, there are new interesting features concerning the gameplay. If you wondered, what would happen, if you had a magical magnet to collect all the coins, here it is! Now you can spend your points on different upgrades. Apart from the magnet, you can choose another character. This will surely diversify the gaming process.

So test your logical skills and cleverness to lead the curious ball to the last point!