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The newest part of round adventures is waiting for you! Red Ball 2023 is a fully modified arcade game that will truly amaze you. Cool red ball never fails to find an exciting and risky trip!

You are going to find yourself on a beautiful tropical island. Green palm trees, golden sand and turquoise water – this location is just so pleasant to examine! But you came here not to admire the landscape. Once again, you meet villainous gray cubes. They decided to become pirates and you are going to stop them.

Step by step, you will progress into the island. Your way is going to be very challenging. The levels are full of various perils that you have to avoid to reach the end. Sometimes you can use the objects, such as boxes, to help you get through. Also, instead of the stars you are going to collect fruits.

The graphics in this part is incredible. The main hero and its enemies now look very lively. The animations are on the highest levels, too. So, enjoy this marvellous game and help the ball reach its main aim!