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Red Ball Game Online Play Free

Red Ball is a simple platformer, where you are supposed to play for an animated red ball. This little fearless one went to seek adventures, so you will explore the dangerous world with him. Are you ready for all this fantastic experience? Set for a cool exciting trip right now!

Jump and roll around

This brave maroon ball will have to travel through a huge amount of obstacles to reach the end of the game. When you see a red flag, you will know that this is the end of the chapter. Play and try to lead the ball through different perils, such as devious traps and almost insurmountable obstructions. But you will surely find the way to hurdle them, don’t you?

Keep the ball safe, because if you stumble upon any dangerous thing, you will immediately lose. However, you will be able to restart the level. Some of them are truly challenging! Check up your skills and the ability to react quickly. The further you will move, the more difficult the levels will be. Will you reach the final chapter of the game?

It is worth mentioning that the obstacles are unusually diverse. Apart from the steeps and spikes to which many gamers are accustomed, there are some exclusive interferences, too. For example, flying axes that can cut you apart with one swipe, or heavy presses. It’s highly recommended to stay as far from them as possible!

Think creatively to succeed. Use your imagination to come up with a suitable solution of the puzzles you will need to pass. Sometimes you will have to use certain objects on the location to go further. Remember that you play for a bouncy ball, so you can easily jump away from various surfaces.

Also, employ your ability to balance to remain motionless on inclined or moving platforms. You have to be swift to dodge the handicaps that will be waiting for you in the air. Calculate the trajectory to move at the safest moment. From time to time, you will have to make several attempts to pass on a particular place and figure out the timing.

Once you choose the tactics you think will be the best for this occasion you can try it out. There are various ways to pass each stage, so you can choose the option that seems easier for you.

Simple controls and no complicacies

The gameplay here is so easy, even a child can get into it in a couple of minutes. All you need to do is push the arrows on your keyboard and the ball will start rolling!

Control your speed using these buttons and jump as high as you can. Also, there is a separate key to restart the chapter, which is very convenient. You can play the game on your PC and enjoy the thrilling routes of the friendly little ball. Although, with the help of some hacks, you will be able to play it on your mobile phone.

The graphics does not provide a lot of details, but it is nice and unsophisticated. You won’t get tired of it for sure. In the end, when you play such an absorbing project, the visual design doesn’t look like something important.So will you bring our round friend to the final checkpoint? Your way will be full of deadly barriers. Apply all your intelligence to bear them down, so that the ball stays undamaged!