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Meet the fourth part of your favourite game! Red Ball 4 is as exciting as ever. The brave ball is heading for new, more astonishing adventures. Will you reach the end this time? The title prepared some challenging twisters for you to solve.

The old enemies are coming back

In this part, you will deal with mischievous gray cubes. You are going to prevent a global crime. They thought of an extraordinary wickedness, to turn our round planet into a huge cube! How can you allow such a thing to happen? You need to stop them right now, before it gets too late. Go with the bold ball and save the planet.

Go through the locations and keep the distance from any dangerous objects and places. There are various kinds of them, so for each one you should select a different approach. Jump, roll and destroy! Many puzzles require unconventional thinking, so try to see the problematic situation from other angles. At the same time, gather the stars that are scattered all over the locations.

Play this fantastic piece, using the agility and cunning of your character. On its own, the ball can present not so many fighting skills against its enemies. Operate the nearby objects to help yourself with this hitch. You can also jump on them to win and get to the cherished red flag. Choose the tactics, which you like more or which is available at the moment.

It is really cool how the graphics becomes more and more detailed with each part. The face of the little ball is now showing various emotions. Usually it is smiling, but it can shout if you let it fall from a high surface.

Have a big fight

The important innovation of this piece is the bosses at the end of each episode. The first episode will take you to the Green Hills. This location is probably familiar to you from the previous parts. You are able to play here again and to test brand-new mechanisms. Roll and balance on the swings, jump from the platforms and destroy the grumpy cubes.

When you finish the location, you will see a wooden sign, which will lead you to the boss. You are going to face a large angry black cube. Fortunately, our round fearless guy is more agile and smart. These are the benefits of having an edgeless shape. Jump on the cube and avoid its attacks to win the battle.