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In Red Ball, you are going to become a bouncy little ball that wants to travel around various locations. You must seek out new adventures as this little creature, which is fearless, moves around the dangerous world.

Dodge the perils

The ball will have to traverse vast and challenging obstacles to reach its goal. Various traps and obstacles can prevent the ball from moving forward. You can easily hurdle these obstacles, as long as you stay safe. However, if you accidentally wander across a dangerous object, you will lose.

Try not to stay in the same place for a long time, but at the same time, be quick to go through dangerous parts. It’s all the matter of timing! When a red flag appears, it means the chapter is over. Although, to reach it, you will need to accomplish a daunting challenge.

You can restart the level and assess your skills and reactions to improve them. The further you advance, the more difficult the challenges will be. Red Ball doesn’t include many levels, but the last of them will definitely test your patience.

Play the game, utilizing each and every competence you have to achieve significant results. Don’t give up, if the level seems to be too hard. Instead, experiment with different techniques and operate the peculiarities of the location. Once you figure out how the physics works here, it will be easier to construct specific tactics.

The elementary controls

The gameplay is so effortless, that there is no need for a tutorial. Just use arrow keys to make the ball move back or forward. You have to keep in mind that the ball is always rolling on its own, so you should take this into account when you want to perform a fantastic jump.

If you see that the run was not a particularly good one, you can restart the level straight away by using a separate button. Such an unelaborate concept makes this platformer very delightful to play.

The feature, which favourably distinguishes this platformer from other ones, is the presence of multiple obstacles. From more or less traditional barriers, such as long gaps between the platforms and very sharp spikes, to more unconventional. For instance, there are wrecking balls that can effortlessly smash you.

It may sound quite simple, but if they are situated in a row, this can cause a little bit of trouble. Also, there are moving platforms that won’t necessarily destroy you, but make the run more engaging. So, try to manage to push forward through all these threats and bring the adventurous ball to the finish line!