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Red Ball 3 introduced a fully new experience to the fans of the series! The red ball now found a girlfriend, a lovely pink ball. But evil Black Ball kidnaps her, so now you are going to rescue her!

Save your beloved girlfriend

Prepare for a long dangerous journey in search of your loved one. Deal with various threats that will interfere with your movement. Jump over the gaps and walls, avoid sharp thorns and keep up with the moving platforms. The further you go, the more elaborate the levels will get.

Afterwards, you will stumble upon amazing instruments that will help you to move forward, if you manage to launch them correctly. For some of them you will have to find and pull the lever, for others to push the button or to leave something on it. There are even trolleys, which may take you through dangerous spots very fast.

Appreciate beautiful landscapes

The locations in Red Ball 3 are more distinct than in the previous part. This time you will travel to Egypt at some point and see a famous Sphinx and the pyramids. You are also going to explore underground mazes with various puzzles that you will need to sort out.

In addition, you are obliged to collect the maximum amount of silver stars at each level. Some stars are located in very hard-to-access places, so if you want the highest score, you need to think of safe ways to achieve it. When you fail to escape a peril, the level starts from the very beginning. Be inventive and think swiftly to pass through without any troubles.

The game amuses you in unexpected aspects. For example, it has a reference to another popular arcade project, Doodle Jump, where you need to jump higher and higher from one platform to another.

In addition, the graphical form has been improving from one part of the game to another. Now the locations are quite well-designed. They are so pleasing to the eye, that it is a true pleasure to play this arcade. Along with that, the dynamic music adds some charm to it.

But the main surprise waits for you at the very end. When you finally encounter your hideous enemy, you will need to fight it! Basically, you are going to jump and hit your opponent very quickly, until its health bar ends. Win in this battle to save your girlfriend and come back with her safe and sound.