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The adventurous red ball is always looking for new journeys and now it’s setting for a new trip to an exotic forest! Explore new, colourful locations. Roll around and search the territory for the golden stars. Also, find the right key to open the door at the end of each level.

The dangers in this game stayed the same. Hop over the pits full of spiky stone studs. You are risking your life, if you fall down there! Solve ingenious puzzles, as well. Will you be so smart to resolve all of them?

In this piece, you are going to meet new enemies! Green one-eyed spiders came to replace the mischievous black cubes. As they are spiders, they can climb on the ceiling and attack you from there. Moreover, these evil creatures will wait for you on the ground, too. Jump over them, or try to eliminate your opponent.

The final aim is to reach the red flag at the end of the level. However, now you are going to have little checkpoints in the form of green flags. Play this arcade now and find out if you can make it to the finish!