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The reckless ball returns once again in Red Ball Forever 2! This is a new part of adventures in which you are going to participate. Rush into the dangerous world with our well-known round hero. For once, bring your friends with yourself, too.

Unlock more interesting and exciting locations. From the charming green hills to the underground caves with lava lakes. Overcome all barriers in one way or another. Jump above the spikes and stay away from deadly hard presses. Interact with curious devices that will take you to different places. Now the puzzles are not so difficult, but still amazing.

You will also pick up golden stars and keys that will allow you to pass to the next level. Try to spot them all! And again, the vicious gray cubes are here to take revenge. You beat them once and now they are more aggressive than ever. Jump and fall exactly on your opponent to make it explode. Don’t let them catch you off guard!

Try not to make too many mistakes, because you have only three attempts to pass the episode. When you stumble upon a thorn, fall down or get attacked with the enemies, you lose one heart. If you lose all three, the level will restart and you waste all your progress. Be careful not to fall into a trap!

In this game, the graphic design became simpler, compared to the previous ones. However, now you can choose from five different characters to play for. You can stick with the familiar red ball, our play for its friends, red, blue, pink and yellow balls. They are all bouncy and deft as their famous friend, so you can experiment and pick the one, which suits your mood the most.